UPS Logistics System - Quantum View Data

Integrate Shipment Status Data into Your Systems

You don't always have time to keep an eye on each and every shipment in the supply chain for your company, but UPS knows that you want that information to be available when you need it. Quantum View Data gives you comprehensive tracking information that can be seamlessly integrated into your company's in-house applications, from spreadsheets and simple databases to ERP systems.

Automatic Updates
Shipment status updates can be automatically downloaded, as frequently as every hour if needed, to your system in a number of common data file formats (CSV, XML, TXT or EDI ANSI or EDI EDIFACT). Quantum View Data gives you more time to be productive, and lets you take advantage of the benefits of the extensive UPS tracking network in conjunction with your own existing systems.

Service Options
Available in 30 countries, Quantum View Data offers three service options:

Outbound - Total visibility into your outgoing traffic allows billing to occur immediately upon arrival and reduces the time spent tracking individual packages. Improve your customer service by notifying customers when their shipment delivery is rescheduled or, when they call, by having the most up-to-date shipment status information regarding their shipments at your fingertips.

Inbound - Detailed shipment information allows for improved inventory management and planning. You'll be able to sell goods that are in transit from your vendor/supplier, or adjust or notify staff upon arrival of critical shipments.

Third Party - Frequently updated information on shipments billed to your UPS account via Freight Collect, Third Party or Consignee Billing can allow for instant billing when your shipment arrives--enabling you to monitor the performance of vendors shipping on your behalf and to manage cost.

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