Signature Tracking API

The power of UPS in your invoicing: Get digital proof of delivery

Automate Your Proof of Delivery Process

The faster you can receive delivery confirmation, the less time you need to wait before you can collect payment.

The UPS Signature Tracking API enables companies to obtain the Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.) of goods often needed to collect on an invoice, electronically. This powerful tool provides Proof of Delivery, not in days, but in seconds. And it enables companies to shorten the time between the sale and collection of funds.

Available in over 40 countries or territories, the UPS Signature Tracking API is offered in XML format. XML gives companies the flexibility to integrate this functionality into their Intranet site or enterprise application.

The API requires XML/Web Services programmers to code and integrate. UPS provides a developer kit, which includes a developer guide that explains how to integrate and code UPS functionality into your existing business applications or e-Commerce website.

Learn About Integrating UPS Developer Kit APIs

Developers: Download APIs

With the UPS Signature Tracking API, You Can:

  • Obtain Proof of Delivery of your goods with a digital signature and full delivery address
  • Significantly reduce the time of outstanding invoices
  • Receive UPS tracking information via a real-time, secure Internet environment

The UPS Signature Tracking API is only available for internal use by UPS customers. It is not available for use on a public website, unless the API is part of a certified UPS Ready® Programme provider's services.