Locator API

The Locator Application Programming Interface (API) provides a convenient and flexible way to search for UPS shipping locations based on type and  available services. This API also works with your UPS-compatible shipping system to produce your shipment's label.

With the Locator API, you'll be able to find locations such as:

  • The UPS Store® locations
  • UPS Access Point™ locations
  • Mail Boxes Etc. locations
  • UPS Customer Centres
  • UPS Drop Boxes
  • UPS Express
  • UPS Alliance locations
  • UPS Authorised shipping outlets
  • UPS Authorised Service Providers


  • Location types vary from country to country.
  • You can combine the Locator API with mapping software (either freeware or purchased from a vendor) to provide driving directions for your customers.
  • This API requires XML/Web Services programmers to code and integrate. UPS provides a developer guide that explains how to integrate and code UPS functionality into your existing business applications or e-commerce website.

Developers: Download APIs