Ecommerce Shipping Tips

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E-commerce Shipping and Tracking

Selling your product online means you don't have a floor full of sales associates available to anticipate customers' every need. Your website and your shipping and tracking options are going to have to do that for you.

Offer different speeds for different needs.

Online shoppers want more than just product choice - they want a variety of delivery options too. Offer dependable delivery no matter what the chosen speed: From next day to next week, we've got a service to deliver your customers' orders when they want them.

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Track shipments for your customers - and your company.

Send customers tracking notifications with current delivery status, keeping them informed and letting your customer service reps focus their efforts on things like product support or order completion.

Request notifications during shipment creation so customers can track either on® or in our mobile app - or have a developer integrate our tracking Application Programming Interface (API) with your software so customers can find delivery information directly on your site.

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Of course, tracking isn't just for outgoing shipments nor is it solely for your customers. You need to see all moving shipments - inbound and outbound - so you can better plan inventory, staffing and budget.

Use Quantum View® tracking software to get that comprehensive look across your supply chain: Watch all shipping activity, pinpoint and resolve potential issues, and create automatic delivery updates for your customers.

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Make returns a selling point.

Post your returns policy clearly on your site: Many customers look for that before making a purchase decision.

Having a flexible policy that's easy for customers can boost satisfaction and fuel increased sales over time. We're here to help with several returns services and a team of experts who can advise you on ways to streamline your processes to get the most out of existing inventory.

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