UPS InfoNotice™

How to read your UPS InfoNotice comments

We have left the UPS InfoNotice notification. Because we didn't find you when we came to pick up / deliver your package. Check out your UPS InfoNotice statement to see which information has been sent for your shipment, and review the following for details on each tab.

UPS InfoNotice

1. We'll be back on the next business day — we'll try to deliver your package on the next business day (Monday to Friday), except for holidays. If you're not available, you have a few options. To view these options: 

a)    Track your package with the UPS InfoNotice number located under the barcode.
b)    On the tracking history screen, click Change Delivery
c)    Click Other Delivery Option

2. Your package has been left here -If you've seen such information about this box, we've provided information about where we left the package in your address or delivered it to your neighbor.

3. We've made a stop to get your package —we'll make a maximum of two calls to get your package. If we've done our last stop for pick-up, you can schedule 4 new collection or take your package to a nearby UPS drop-off location.

4. This was the last stop — we tried to deliver your package. But we didn't find you. Follow your package as described in point 1 above to see the possible options.

5. There must be someone at the address for the delivery of your package (s) and signature- we need someone to sign. If you want your package to be left to your neighbor for your address, please follow the instructions on the back of the UPS InfoNotice.

Note: Packages that must be signed by an adult cannot be delivered to your neighbor.

6. If you sign behind InfoNotice, we can deliver the package (s) on the next business day.-If you are not at your address and there is no reason to leave your package, simply leave the UPS InfoNotice you signed in front of the door so that the UPS dealer can see it.

7.Your package(s) is a C.O.D. package(s). Within this scope: - You need to pay your driver the required amount in order to take your package. If "Cash Only" is checked on the package, UPS is responsible for cash proceeds only, unless otherwise noted by the sender. If you need more options, you can see which options are available by tracking your package as instructed in the step above.