CampusShip Support - Managing Reference Numbers FAQ

How do I create a new list of reference numbers?

Select Administration from the left side of the page, then go to Manage Reference Numbers. Select Create Reference Numbers from one of the displayed reference number list choices on the page. This page allows you to create a new reference list consisting of values and descriptions of those values. You can create up to 25 reference numbers at a time on this screen.

When creating each reference number, enter the value of the reference code in the Reference 1 Value field, or the left-hand column. You may also enter an optional Reference 1 Description to further distinguish the reference code in the right-hand column on the screen.

To change the default name of Reference Number List 1, 2 or 3, go to the Manage Reference Numbers page and select Edit List Name.

Note: The Reference 1 Value must be unique within a company.

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How do I automate the process of importing reference numbers?

UPS has developed a software utility that automates the process of importing reference numbers into UPS CampusShip. Go to the Administration tab and select the Manage Reference Numbers link. Once on the Manage Reference Number Lists page, look for the section titled Scheduled Import Tool and click on the Download link. You will be directed to an instructional page that will walk you through the download and install process.

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How can I print a bar code on my return or shipping label?

To simplify tracking for your package, you can choose to print a reference number as a bar code on your package. Select the Shipping tab and enter your shipping or return information on the Begin Your Shipment screen. On this screen, you'll see a text box that includes the package's reference number. Just below this text box is a checkbox. By checking this box, you direct CampusShip to print your primary reference number as a bar code on your shipping or return label.

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Contact UPS

For questions about UPS CampusShip, contact your UPS CampusShip Administrator. For UPS CampusShip Technical Support, select the link below.

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