CampusShip Support - Import Users

How To Import Users

As an Administrator, you can import user information files to save time and effort.

  1. Select Administration in the area at the top, go to Manage Users, and select Import Users. The page that displays allows you to import a file of user information.
  2. To import a file, enter a file path and name, or Browse to the file location. After locating the file, select Open to populate the field in the File to Import textbox.
    Note: The import file must have a .csv extension.
  3. To begin the process, select Import. To quit, select Cancel.

User File Format
Review the import file format table below for specific details about each information field. All files must be saved with a .csv extension with a comma as the field delimiter. For more information saving .csv files see Gather Key Information under the Before You Begin section.

Using a comma as the field delimiter:
When importing information, use a comma to separate the information for each field. If a field is empty, a comma is required to "skip" to the next field. Thus, the format could contain multiple commas in a row without spaces, as shown in the "required fields only" sample below.

  • Sample record with required fields only:
    John Doe,jdoe,jdoe123,1,TestLocation,,,,Test Shipping Privilege Set,,,,,,,
  • Sample record with all fields:
    John Doe,jdoe,jdoe123,1,TestLocation,,770 555 1212,1000,Test Shipping Privilege Set,Refenence 1,003,0,1,770 555 1234,0,

Various import files have limitations detailed in File Importing Limitations under the Gather Key Information section in this guide.

The Import User File format contains a field named Default Service Level. This is a 3 character field. The codes is used to identify UPS domestic and International services. The valid codes for this field are: