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Turkey Mandatory Summary Manifest Information

Service Update

According to the customs regulation Supplementary - 10, issued by the Ministry of Customs and Trade and published in the Official Gazette (no. 27369 and dated 7 Oct 2009), effective on June 1st, 2016 it is mandatory to declare the information below on the Summary Manifests which are expected to enter the customs territory of Turkey and which are valued above 75 EUR and/or are dutiable:  
* 4-Digit HS Code (Harmonised System Code)
* If the consignee is a company, the tax number must be provided
* If the consignee is a private individual, the ID number must be provided

The above information should be entered in the relevant sections of the waybill by the shipper. In order to prevent delays, consignees should share their tax numbers with their shippers and inform them to fill in the waybills and invoices with the tax number and 4-digit HS codes.

On manual waybills and waybills generated by UPS online tools, the tax number can be written in the field 'Receiver's VAT No/Identification No For Customs Purposes' and the HS code can be written in the field 'Description of Goods' on the waybill, or in the 'Tariff Code' section of the invoice.