UPS Returns® Exchange

Take Control over Your High-Value Product Replacements

UPS Returns Exchange offers you peace of mind for your high-value product returns and replacements. With the UPS Returns Exchange contract-only solution, UPS delivers a replacement item with simultaneous collection of a return shipment--the UPS driver will deliver the replacement only after receiving the return item.

UPS Returns Exchange gives your customer a concierge-like experience with hands-on assistance, while giving you more control over the return or replacement process.

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A Better Experience for Your Customers

  • Your customers don't have to worry about finding proper packaging or prove that they sent the item back. We reuse the delivery packaging for the return item and the driver scans the return package at the point of exchange.
  • UPS Returns Exchange gives you assurance that you'll receive the return item so you can avoid charging the customer a safety deposit on the replacement item.
  • UPS can notify your customer by phone, e-mail, or text message so they're ready with the return when the UPS driver arrives.

And a Better Experience for You

You'll have more control over what is returned and when.

  • Having a UPS driver involved increases the likelihood of the correct item being returned in the proper packaging.
  • This service can be combined with almost any transportation mode or delivery speed to fit both your and your customer's needs.
You'll have increased visibility for better customer service and inbound planning.
  • Once the exchange is completed, the UPS systems link both outbound and inbound tracking numbers, allowing for easy look-up and tracking for your customers or customer service staff.
  • Inbound packages can be searched by tracking number, reference number, or outbound shipment tracking number for more accurate warehouse planning and staffing.
Gain a competitive advantage when you improve your returns process while reducing costs and timelines.
  • Simultaneous collection and delivery shortens the overall cycle time of returns and can thereby improve the success rate of recovering high-value assets, reduce revenue stream interruptions, and get high-value items back sooner for refurbishing or reselling.
  • You can potentially reduce or eliminate the use of costly couriers or technicians to get your product replaced or returned.
  • You'll be able to initiate collection and delivery in a single transaction, reducing your order processing time.