CampusShip Support - Export Locations

How To Export Location Information

Rather than manually modifying single locations, an administrator can export location information from UPS CampusShip to a file, modify multiple records, and then import the modified file back into UPS CampusShip.

  1. To export location information, select Administer UPS CampusShip in the area at the left, go to Manage Locations, and select Export Locations.
  2. To retrieve location results, enter a location name and set the filtering criteria (for example, "contains" or "exactly matches"). If you are unsure of the location spelling, select Search to find and select a location name.
  3. Select one or more locations from the results. To set which location fields to include in the export file, select Next. Optionally, you can select View Selections if you have many selections and want to view a consolidated list of your selections. To set which location fields to include in the export file, select Export Data.
    Note: Result sets can fill several pages. To navigate through a long list of results, use the Next and Previous links.
  4. Select the fields to export. To create your export location file request, select Export Data.

Export Files Status

After creating your export file request, a screen displays allowing you to check the status of your export request.

Export File Request Status can include:

  • In Progress: This indicates that an export request is being processed and will complete momentarily, depending on size. To view the latest status, refresh the page.
  • Completed: Displays a link to View Data.
  • Completed with Errors: Displays links to View Data and View Errors.
  • Failed: Displays a link to View Errors.

To check the status of other export activities, select Show All, Location Export Only, User Export Only, Address Export Only, or Reference Number Export Only from the drop-down list for Sort Status Table By.