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Investment Focus
Investment Criteria
Our goal is to develop a portfolio of companies that have a strong strategic fit with UPS. The SEF has a more focused investment program than many other investors. Our investments meet most or all of the following criteria:

Strategic Relevance and Knowledge Returns
First and foremost, we invest in companies that strategically complement UPS. The SEF emphasizes knowledge returns, so investment candidates will ideally provide a unique business solution with wide application to the UPS customer base. UPS will only invest in companies where potential knowledge gains will help us improve UPS's own strategy over time and do not compete with current UPS products or products offered by SEF portfolio companies.

We do not invest in companies where the only fit is additional package volume or shipping engagement.

We will not make new investments that compete with existing investments.

Co-investment and Early Stage Investing
We invest directly in private companies as a co-investor, most often with professional Venture Capitalists. We believe that professional venture capitalists bring invaluable day to day management and strategic planning skills to early stage companies.

The SEF prefers to invest in early stage private companies, usually in the first or second round of financing with a lead investor in place. As a general rule, we do not provide seed money or invest in mezzanine rounds unless the investment has significant strategic implications.

Investment Range and Geography
Our preferred investment range is $250,000 to $1,500,000. We consider investment opportunities in all geographic locations of the United States and in select foreign locations.

The company should have a strong management team with relevant industry or technical expertise that serves as a core resource for growing or developing the company's business applications or products.

Board Observation Rights
To facilitate ongoing management interaction with our portfolio companies, we require Board Meeting observation rights. A UPS representative will be selected for this position from an appropriate functional area within UPS. A member of the SEF will also be assigned to monitor each company's progress and assist it in developing an appropriate relationship with UPS.

Please Note Our Other Requirements:
Because of our due diligence process, the SEF cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your material.

We cannot accept submissions marked confidential or proprietary, and will not sign a Non - Disclosure Agreement (NDA) of any kind. Therefore we require that you DO NOT include any proprietary information or trade secrets in your submission and that you DO NOT mark your submission as "confidential" or "proprietary."

The Strategic Enterprise Fund is under no obligation to return any plans that are submitted.

By submitting an executive summary or business plan you agree to the requirements stated above and will release United Parcel Service, Inc. and its affiliates, and the Strategic Enterprise Fund and its staff, from any claim regarding the confidentiality or use of your material.

If you believe your company fits our investment criteria please submit an executive summary to:

UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Bldg. 1, 4th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30328

Because of the volume of business plans the Fund receives daily, please do not send a detailed plan. An executive summary will ensure a quicker response.

After an initial review of your executive summary we will contact you for further information or a full business plan if a potential match exists.

If your company does not fit our investment criteria, we recommend that you visit The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) at for other potential sources of professional venture capital. Some other members may match your investment interests.

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