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  • Two UPS Healthcare employees

    The Dynamic Duo

    Learn who helps keep international high-priority shipments moving.

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  • Our Stories – Jerome Paven

    Patient driven

    How one UPS team member took on a personal mission to help save a child's life.

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  • Our Stories – Mike D'Auria

    The patient with the UPS face

    How a pacemaker came full circle for a special patient.

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Case Studies


  • A woman's arm with illustration of healthcare sectors.

    Future of Healthcare

    Learn which drivers will define the healthcare landscape for customers, businesses and supply chains for years to come.

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  • UPS Healthcare workers assessing quality management system

    UPS Healthcare Solutions for Implantable Medical Devices

    How we provide unmatched quality assurance for your implantable medical devices.

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Industry Insights

  • A man standing in a warehouse.

    Stay ahead of the unforeseeable

    Our latest whitepaper offers insights into how the acceleration of innovation and technology during the pandemic has created infinite opportunities.


  • Laboratory technician

    Vital Signs for Labs: A sample is drawn, and the clock starts ticking

    Vital Signs research underscores that when time is of the essence, a reliable supply chain is critical in ensuring on-time delivery and a better patient experience.


  • Woman at a chemist shop

    Vital Signs for Pharma: Keep your products safe, throughout the length of the chain

    Vital Signs research explores the complexity of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the regulations that come along with it.


  • Operating room surgery

    Vital Signs for Med Device: A device to change a life

    Vital Signs research explores the priorities and challenges facing the medical device industry in both the near future and long-term.


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