Flex™ Global View

Bring better visibility to your supply chain.

Respond to critical shipping milestones quickly.

Bring better visibility to your supply chain.

Keeping track of hundreds of package and freight shipments around the globe is no simple task. Having the right tools can make it easier. If global shipping and supply chain management responsibilities have you overloaded, Flex Global View from UPS Supply Chain Solutions can help. You'll get total visibility even across multiple modes of transportation--with a suite of tools that equip your business with key information to truly set you apart from the competition. With Flex Global View you have the ability to view and respond to shipment information and critical milestones as they occur.

Total Tracking
Enter a shipment related number into Flex Global View (house bills, UPS Tracking numbers, or freight references), and you'll have total access to information--all the way from the name of the freighter to package-level details of who signed for the shipment delivery. To ensure your shipments will cross borders with ease, you can use UPS Supply Chain Solutions Customs Brokerage Service to set up automated reminders to your key personnel about customs alerts.

Supplier Management
Monitor your vendor's purchase order fulfillment status with UPS Supply Chain Solutions Supplier Management Service. Track and compare supplier's performance with your custom set key performance indicators to manage vendor orders.

Inventory Tracking
Flex Global View tracks how many units are left on the shelf, and how many are promised. You can proactively monitor distribution center inventories, manage your orders more efficiently and have less inventory sitting unsold with our Material Management and Distribution Service.

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