CampusShip Support - Create Users

How To Create Users

As an Administrator, you can create new UPS CampusShip users by entering their profile information into the system. You also have the ability to reset users' passwords and to assign privileges to the users you manage. You may update a user's information and privilege settings anytime.

  1. Select the Administration tab, go Manage Users, and select Create User from the side navigation. Enter the requested user contact information.
    Note: Required fields are shown in bold.
  2. Assign the user to a company location. If you are not certain of the location's name, select Search to view available locations.
  3. Assign a shipping privilege set to the user. If you are not certain of the shipping privilege set name, select Search to view available shipping privilege sets.
  4. To complete creation of the new user, select Create. A User Created confirmation page displays.
  5. To set the new user's shipping privileges, including administrative authorities, select Modify This User's Privileges on the confirmation page.
  • To authorise the user to ship packages from multiple locations or modify the Ship From information (company name and address), set Travelling User Status to ON. The travelling user can enter multiple addresses as needed.
  • To authorise the user to order UPS supplies online from, set Authority to Order UPS Supplies to ON.
  • To set the Administrative level, (the default is No Administrative Authority) select either Company Administrator or Location Administrator.
  • If Location Administrator is selected, activate All Location Administrator Authority or assign the specific authorities by selecting the checkboxes. To activate and store your choices, select Update.

When the User Summary page displays, you can review the newly created user's details. Modify a user's details by selecting Edit next to the information you want to change.

Note: Not all privileges are available for all countries or territories.