UPS Healthcare announces UPS® Premier

UPS Premier improves service reliability with priority-handling and improved visibility for critical healthcare parcels using next-generation sensor technology and monitoring.

A UPS Premier cold chain box awaiting shipment.

Atlanta, GA

A New Technology-Enabled Service Within Its Own Network And Beyond

UPS Healthcare (NYSE:UPS) today announced the expansion of its healthcare capabilities with UPS Premier, as part of its ongoing service and technology upgrades to meet the priority-handling needs of healthcare shipments. UPS' new healthcare logistics unit also launched a new brand slogan, "Quality Focused. Patient Driven." to highlight its long-term strategy to expand its quality system and focus on a supply chain experience that has the patients of UPS® customers in mind.

The service leverages the UPS Smart Global Logistics Network's package tracking capabilities, combined with next-generation sensor technology, to enable priority flow paths, sortation, contingency actions and delivery services for critical healthcare shipments.

"We are in a strong position to support the healthcare industry with new products and services," said UPS Healthcare President Wes Wheeler. "We provide the online solutions and technologies that our customers demand, and these strengthen service reliability, visibility and controls. This new technology-enabled, fee-based service is what we call a priority lane within the integrated UPS parcel network. We will be able to classify and identify critical healthcare shipments before they leave our customers' hands and enable greater visibility and control during their journey, via suitable technology. This is a major breakthrough in managing sensitive shipments that require an extra level of control."

Healthcare innovations in biologics, speciality pharmaceuticals and personalised medicine are driving significant demand for precision logistics to support more patient-critical, time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive products.

"Our healthcare customers and their patients expect near-perfect service levels for high-value, critical medical products," said Paul Vassallo, UPS Vice President for Healthcare Strategy. "Speciality courier (white glove) services can be expensive and hard to scale. Our customers are demanding alternative solutions to provide superior patient care. The UPS Premier technology-enabled priority service gives customers unprecedented control, visibility and reliability in their supply chains."

About UPS Healthcare

UPS Healthcare delivers unparalleled healthcare logistics expertise to its customers around the world. UPS Healthcare has 11+ million square feet of cGMP and GDP-compliant healthcare distribution space globally. Its services include inventory management, cold chain packaging and shipping, storage and fulfilment of medical devices, and lab and clinical trial logistics. UPS Healthcare's global infrastructure, its UPS® Premier visibility service, its track and trace technology, and its global quality system are well-suited to meeting today's complex logistics demands for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and laboratory diagnostic industries.

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