Nephron Pharmaceuticals Case Study

In the midst of sterile injectable medicine shortages, we helped Nephron create a custom pharmaceutical logistics plan to meet the needs of customers across the country.

The first month we started this division I believe we have about $5,000 in orders, and last month UPS Healthcare handled just over $11MM products for us, and those were delivered safely into the hands of our customers.

Lou Wood Kennedy, owner and CEO Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

The Challenge

When US hospitals were regularly delaying and deferring surgeries because of sterile injectable medication shortages, Nephron formed a division in 2017 to try to help.

Nephron has an innovative approach to sterile manufacturing, but the challenge was how to quickly and safely distribute their CRT and refrigerated products to hospitals and surgery centres across the country to help alleviate these shortages.

The Solution

UPS Healthcare worked with Nephron Pharmaceuticals to create a pharmaceutical logistics plan and custom cold chain packaging materials to protect the critical temperature-sensitive shipments. We provided them with a speedy delivery distribution with full visibility along the way.

The Results

When we started working together in 2017, Nephron was able to handle 5,000 orders per month. By 2019, efficiencies gained with the new logistics plan had helped them grow the business to managing the safe distribution of $11m CRT and cold chain pharmaceutical orders per month, making a big dent in the U.S. sterile injectable medicine shortage problem.

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