UPS SMS Tracking Terms and Conditions

If you confirm your agreement to the UPS SMS Programme Terms and Conditions and the UPS Privacy Notice by replying "YES" to the number in the table below, you will be subscribed to receive requested SMS messages from UPS, containing shipment status details about packages for which you request shipment status notifications on the mobile device that is personally owned by you. If you send an SMS to UPS requesting information, you agree to the UPS SMS Programme Terms and Conditions and the UPS Privacy Notice, and we will respond in one or more SMS messages. You represent that you have the authority to agree to receive SMS messages on the telephone number that you provided to us, or from which you sent the SMS request to us. Message frequency depends upon your activity. Standard message and data rates may apply. SMS messaging is not available in all areas. Not all mobile devices or handsets may be supported. UPS and the mobile carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

  • For help or information on the UPS Notifications text message programme, send "HELP" to UPS.
  • To cancel your subscription at any time, send "STOP" to UPS. If you cancel your subscription, we will send you a SMS message to confirm that we have processed your cancellation.

UPS SMS Notifications
CountryCountry Number or Code
Austria 447786200819
Bahrain 447786200819
Belgium 447786200819
Brazil 26746
Bulgaria 447786200819
Canada 69877
Colombia 87200
Croatia 447786200819
Cyprus 447786200819
Czech Republic 447786200819
Denmark 447786200819
Estonia 447786200819
Finland 447786200819
France 38693
Germany 447786200819
Ghana 447786200819
Greece 447786200819
Hungary 447786200819
India 918422931001
Ireland 447786200819
Israel 447786200819
Italy 447786200819
Ivory Coast 447786200819
Kenya 447786200819
Kuwait 447786200819
Latvia 447786200819
Lithuania 447786200819
Luxembourg 447786200819
Malta 447786200819
Morocco 5540
the Netherlands 447786200819
Nigeria 447786200819
Norway 447786200819
Poland 48723484250
Portugal 447786200819
Puerto Rico 68569
Qatar 447786200819
Reunion 447786200819
Romania 447786200819
Russian Federation 447786200819
Saudi Arabia 447786200819
Slovakia 447786200819
Slovenia 447786200819
South Africa 447786200819
Spain 207212
Sweden 447786200819
Switzerland 447786200819
Turkey 447786200819
Ukraine 447786200819
United Arab Emirates 447786200819
United Kingdom 447786200819
United States MYUPS (69877)
Zimbabwe 447786200819

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