International Trade Made Easy

Combine UPS TradeAbility and our customs Paperless Invoice offering to streamline your international shipping. Together, the solutions help you understand and comply with global trade regulations while improving customer service by speeding up the customs clearance process. They also work seamlessly together, as no additional software is necessary to use Paperless Invoice with UPS TradeAbility.

UPS TradeAbility and Paperless Invoice Benefits

UPS TradeAbility

  • Understand and comply with trade regulations:
    Learn about international trade from our easy-to-follow help content, along with our regulations tool, metric converter, world holiday listings, and other helpful resources.
  • Reduce costs and delays:
    Find license requirements by destination or product, search for harmonised tariff codes with keywords, avoid shipping to restricted parties, and maximise compliance to minimise border delays.
  • Reduce returned orders and outstanding invoices:
    Receive estimated costs for each international shipment--including duties, fees, and taxes--allowing you to invoice customers the day their order ships. Customers who understand the full cost upfront are less likely to refuse a shipment when it arrives.

Use UPS TradeAbility International Tools

UPS Paperless Invoice

  • Streamline customs and comply with international trade regulations:
    Expedite customs clearance by reducing holds from lost or incomplete paper invoices and capture a packing list detail.
  • Promote sustainability:
    Go green and help the environment by transmitting customs information electronically and eliminating the need for paper and ink.
  • Upload your own forms:
    If you'd like, upload your own commercial invoice and other documents to reduce redundant key entry and move them electronically. The Upload Forms feature is available in UPS Internet Shipping, CampusShip, WorldShip, and the Paperless Document API, which is included with the UPS Shipping API.

Enrol in Paperless Invoice

Integrate UPS TradeAbility into Your Website

UPS TradeAbility Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow you to manage global trade processes from one Web interface. Once integrated by your developers or programmers, UPS TradeAbility meshes perfectly with your business applications. If you do not have a developer on staff, our UPS Ready® certified providers can help.

Learn About the UPS TradeAbility API