Aerospace Quality Management

Quality is paramount in aerospace. From production and assembly to maintenance, repair, and overhaul, optimal performance and accuracy must be ensured.

Quality Inspection

Our trained and certified quality inspectors monitor and track the accuracy and integrity of inbound and outbound parts to ensure that standards are met. Working from blueprints, we ensure inbound parts are compliant with engineering designs. We visually inspect and capture serial numbers for outbound shipments.

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Continuous Improvement

We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement through Lean Six Sigma methodologies, raising the bar of operational excellence and the expectation of zero defect facilities. That means that we are constantly testing our own procedures to catch mistakes, so that our people and our systems are primed to eliminate errors.


Certified to ISO and AS9120 standards, we employ industry-best process controls. We're trained to ITAR and other regulations, and work closely with on-site FAA Designated Air Worthiness Representatives (DAR) to manage your programme. If you have specific certifications you need us to meet, we can incorporate that into our processes as well.