Aerospace Production & Manufacturing Logistics

UPS Aerospace SolutionWhen you're building aircraft, you need to prepare parts and raw materials in the right sequence and quantity, and deliver them to the right place at the right time.

We can help with that. Whether you're moving raw materials, components, or sub-assemblies, we support inbound, in-plant and outbound movements to and from the manufacturing plant and end customers worldwide.

We're ready to help you streamline your distribution so you can work smarter.

  • Inbound receipt and inspection: Fully trained and qualified parts inspectors are on site.
  • Kitting/assembly: Get customised combinations of parts that arrive just in time. Components are collected, loaded and delivered in the precise sequence needed for assembly.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory: Monitor suppliers and their inbound shipments to validate inventory before committing to production.
  • Just-in-time delivery: Move items from our stocking locations to the work cell or line-side. Get milk run deliveries and resupply kit carts at the point of assembly, reducing inventory costs.
  • Control tower: Keep your lines on schedule and parts on hand when we pro-actively monitor your urgent shipments.
  • On-site logistics support: Focus on your core business while we manage material handling in your operation to ensure a continuous flow of parts to production.

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