UPS InfoNotice™

How to read your UPS InfoNotice

We left you a UPS InfoNotice because we missed you when trying to deliver or collect your parcel(s). Take a look at your UPS InfoNotice to see which boxes are checked and see below for details on each section.

UPS InfoNotice

1. Your parcel was left at — If this box is checked, we noted where we left the parcel(s) at your address or if we left it with a neighbour.

If you are a UPS My Choice® member you can give instructions for your driver to leave your parcel(s) at a designated location or with a trusted neighbour.

2. Please collect your parcel(s) from a UPS Access Point™ location - We will deliver your parcel(s) to a UPS Access Point location near your home where it will be held for ten calendar days for you to collect at a time that is convenient for you.

In this case, you will find on the UPS InfoNotice the name and address of the UPS Access Point location where the parcel(s) can be retrieved.

If Today is checked, your parcel(s) will be at the designated location on the same day we left this notice after the time specified. If The next business day is checked, it will be at the location on the following business day (Monday through Friday) unless that business day is a holiday.

Track your parcel(s) using your UPS InfoNotice number or scan the QR code to see if it’s ready for collection. You will find the hours of operation of the UPS Access Point location on the Tracking Detail screen.

You will need a valid government-issued ID, or alternatively a photo ID and recent bill, each stating your full name to obtain your parcel(s). The name and full address on your ID must match the name and full address on your parcel(s). If they do not, or if you need someone else to collect your parcel(s) on your behalf, please refer to the additional ID requirements.

3. We will try again on the next business day — We will try to deliver your parcel(s) on the next business day (Monday through Friday), excluding holidays. If you will not be available, you have a few options. To view these options, simply:

a) Track your parcel(s) using your UPS InfoNotice number, found under the barcode
b) On the Tracking Summary screen, select Change Delivery
c) Select Choose Another Delivery Option

You may have additional options available to you if you are enrolled in UPS My Choice.

4. Someone must be present to accept delivery and sign for your parcel(s) – We need a signature in person. If you are not going to be home and you would like the parcel(s) to be delivered to a neighbour, follow the instructions on the back of the UPS InfoNotice.

Note: Parcels that require an adult signature cannot be delivered to a neighbour.

5. We can leave your parcel(s) on the next business day if you sign the back of this UPS InfoNotice - If you are not home and don’t mind us leaving your parcel(s), just sign the back of the UPS InfoNotice and leave it for your UPS driver.

6. Your parcel(s) has a C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery) payment due — Pay your driver the required C.O.D amount to receive your parcel(s). If the box “Cash only” is checked, we were instructed by the sender to accept cash only. If you need more options, track your parcel(s) as instructed in step 3 above to see what options are available to you. 

7.This was our final attempt — We have tried to deliver your parcel(s), but unfortunately we missed you. To see your available options, track your parcel(s) as instructed in step 3 above.

8. We attempted to make a collection — If we have made the final attempt, option 7 will also be checked. You can always schedule another collection (charges may apply) or take your parcel(s) to a nearby UPS drop-off location.