Help: Claims Supporting Documentation Requirements

All UPS claims require some form of supporting documentation. To help us successfully locate your missing package or provide a timely resolution to your package issue, we ask that you follow established guidelines when providing merchandise descriptions and photo documentation. Insufficient supporting documentation may result in delays in the processing of your claim or the denial of your claim altogether.

Merchandise Description

Detailed merchandise descriptions for lost, damaged, or uncollected C.O.D. packages are needed for all UPS claims. Be as specific as possible when providing merchandise descriptions, including but not limited to, providing product name, brand name, serial numbers, size, color, and quantity. Providing a comprehensive merchandise description helps us resolve your package issue quicker.

Examples of acceptable merchandise descriptions include:

Merchandise Types

  1. Clothing: Brand name, color, and size of item
  • Example: Polo pajama top and pants set, size M, Navy Blue
  1. Health and Beauty: Brand, product name, product size, dispenser/container/jar
  • Example: 5 Avon Sun + Sunscreen face lotion, SPF 40, 3 oz, yellow and red container
  • Example: 20 Vitacost Natural Vitamin E,  1000 IU, 60 softgels
  1. Office Supplies, Books, and Picture Frames: Item/Product number, brand name, product type, quantity
  • Example: 50 boxes BIC Round Stic Ball pens, medium point, 1.0mm black, 90 per box
  • Example: 5 textbooks, 'Spectrum Science', paperback, brown cover, publisher: Frank Schaffe
  1. Tires, Parts, and Electronics: Item number, brand name, model, product number/ID number, serial numbers
  • Example: 2 Michelin Tires, Latitude Tour HP 235/65R18 104H BSW Touring
  • Example: Lenovo ideapad 330 15.6" Laptop, Windows 10, Intel Core i3-8130U Dual-Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive - Platinum Grey

Note: Serial numbers make it possible to clearly identify items during a “Lost and Found” search and are required for specific types of commodities to help in locating the merchandise. Commodities include electronic items over $500.00. These commodities include, but are not limited to:

  • Cell phones / watches
  • Computers / iPads / other tablets
  • Cameras
  • Stereo systems
  • Garmin / other GPS systems
  • Printers
  • Drones
  • Gaming systems
  • Head phones (Beats/Bose)
  • Televisions
  • Hoverboards / Segways
  • Sound bars
  • Data tapes / hard drives

If the serial number is not provided, the investigation will be closed due to “Insufficient merchandise description”. You can reopen the investigation once the serial number is provided.

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Photo Documentation Requirements

Although a physical inspection at a UPS-approved facility (location) is typically required for damage package claims, photo documentation can also be submitted, as it helps to provide a timely resolution of your damaged package claim. When submitting photo documentation for damaged package claims, we request the following seven digital pictures:

  1. A photo of the damaged item
  2. A photo showing the damaged merchandise, inside the original box, with all of the original cushioning (picture should show the placement of the merchandise and packaging inside the box)
  3. A photo of the packaging material used inside the box (e.g. bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, cardboard dividers, etc.)
  4. A close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number (please zoom in enough to read the tracking number, which usually begins with 1Z)
  5. A close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate (BMC), if available
    • The BMC is a round stamp that details either the bursting strength of the box or the edge crush rating of the box.
    • The BMC is generally found on a bottom flap on the outside of a corrugated cardboard box.
  6. Two photos displaying all six sides of the package (One photo should display the top and two sides. The second photo should display the bottom and the opposite sides.)
  7. Dimensions of the box, including the package height, length, and width

The online claims application supports following file formats:

  • .JPG
  • .JPEG
  • .TIF
  • .TIFF
  • .BMP
  • .PDF
  • .DOCX
  • .PNG
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