UPS Returns Plus

Send a UPS driver, with a return label in hand, to your customer.


Arrange for UPS to create and deliver a return shipping label to your customer and collect the item for return on the following business day.

Pickup Options

  • 1 UPS Pickup Attempt: UPS will make one attempt to pick up your shipment. If the shipment cannot be collected, UPS will leave the return label at the pickup location.
  • 3 UPS Pickup Attempts: UPS will attempt to pick up your package for three consecutive business days. After the third attempt, the return label will be returned to UPS.

Note: UPS Returns Services may not be available to or from all locations. For UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ shipments, only the 1 UPS Pickup Attempt option applies.

Speed up the returns process with Quantum View Notify®. UPS will send an email to your customer alerting them of the upcoming pickup of their return shipment, enabling them to have the shipment ready for the first pickup attempt.

Learn More About Quantum View Notify

Note: For Saturday Delivery, you must affix a Saturday Delivery sticker to each shipment. With some services, Saturday delivery of a UPS Returns shipment is available in the United States only. Contact your UPS representative for more information.

Order a Saturday delivery Sticker