Healthcare Delivery Control & Visibility

Empowered to meet increasing demands in delivering healthcare.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, rising costs, falling reimbursement rates, and diminishing margins are making it more challenging than ever for healthcare providers and organizations to deliver quality care. And because patients now expect more choices from provider organizations, customer satisfaction has become an important factor in how you operate your practice.

UPS is here to help you deliver on these growing demands with healthcare-optimized products and processes, innovative technology tools, and flexible delivery options. Combined with custom-configured logistics solutions, we empower hospitals, care providers, specialty pharmacies, diagnostic labs, manufacturers, and CROs to improve service delivery, gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Who This Is For

Care providers, hospitals, labs and specialty pharmacies that need greater visibility and direct healthcare delivery control to improve their patients' experience.

To UPS, it's a patient, not a package.

In healthcare, delays, errors, and inefficiencies jeopardize care and strain tight resources. UPS has invested in advanced technology to optimize inventory systems, and to monitor, protect and intervene for temperature-sensitive, time-critical and high-value shipments through final delivery.

As you navigate the new healthcare landscape, UPS can be a valuable partner in developing agile, flexible, and scalable supply chains that add speed and reliability to meet patients’ needs. Our knowledgeable healthcare logistics experts remain ahead of changes and trends in patient needs, market conditions, R&D, and product regulations—and are ready to keep you poised for change.

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