API Announcements and Updates

2023 Updates

February Updates

Ship API Developer Guide Updates

  • “Return to shipper” info removed from Shipper/Address element and new FAQ added
  • New FAQ added about Access Point Shipping
  • New Surepost Additional Handling options added
  • New values in VendorCollectIDTypeCode element

Rate API Developer Guide Updates

  • Rate Type table removed
  • New Surepost Additional Handling options added

Announcement Affecting UPS Shipping in Mexico

In 2022 the Mexican Tax Administration Service implemented Carta Porte regulations, requiring merchandise description for all packages to Mexico, from Mexico, and within Mexico. Customers were notified of this regulation.

Effective March 6, 2023, UPS APIs will begin enforcing the Carta Porte regulation and all packages sent to, from, or within Mexico will be required to have a package-level description of the shipment.

The package-level description field shown in various API formats:

  • {“ShipmentRequest”: {“Shipment”: {“Package”: {“Description”: {}}}}}
  • /ShipmentRequest/Shipment/Package/Description
  • /ShipConfirmRequest/Shipment/Package/Description

Shipments that do not include the package-level description will fail with the following error code:

  • 121984 - A package in a Mexico shipment must have a Merchandise Description.

January Updates

  • The Ship API and Rate API will support future date quoting when SubVersion 2205 is sent in the request (available only to API customers with a contract).

2022 Updates

July Updates

The tracking number for all Ship API responses from wwwcie (test environment) will be 1ZXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. • Print and Mail (PNM, option 2) has been removed as an option for Return Service shipments.

February Updates

Landed Cost Quoting API:

  • Can be used at any point when establishing products, shopping/quoting or at checkout
  • Calculates costs and who pays duties, taxes, VAT and brokerage fees
  • Eliminates unforseen issues for your retail customers
  • Predicts your HTS code automatically

January Updates

Developer Guide Updates (Rate API/Ship API)

  • Within the Extended Area Surcharge group, Congested is updated to Remote Area.
  • Surcharge category of Peak Season Surcharge is updated to Peak/Demand Surcharge, and Subtypes have been updated.