How will you notify me about my package’s progress?

You can decide how and when you will be notified about your packages.

If you only want notifications for a specific package, track your shipment on You’ll see an option to request notifications by email or text.

If you want to receive delivery alerts for all your packages, sign up for UPS My Choice™ and select either text or email notifications. Text messages are sent between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.; all times are local to your delivery address.

Choose one or all of the available notifications:

  • Ship Notification: When we receive shipment information.
  • Day Before Delivery Notification
  • Day of Delivery
  • Delivery Schedule Updates: Only sent if your original delivery date or estimated delivery time changes.
  • Confirmation of Delivery
  • Package Available for Pickup: When your package is available for pickup at a UPS Access Point™ location

Sign up for UPS My Choice

You can also receive push notifications to your iPhone or Android device by downloading the UPS Mobile™ app. When you open the app, you’ll see a one-time prompt to grant us permission to send you push notifications.

Download the Android AppOpen the link in a new window

Download the iPhone AppOpen the link in a new window

If you already have the app installed, check that it has been updated to the latest version.