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How long should I retain my UPS Internet Shipping receipt?

  • You should retain your UPS Internet Shipping receipt for at least as long as the period in which to make a claim. For specific details, review your local UPS Terms and Conditions or contact your local UPS office.

    If you do misplace your Internet Shipping receipt and it is less than 90 days from the day the shipment was processed, you can always reprint one from your Shipping History.

    • Select the Shipping History link located in the Create a Shipment area from the navigation area to the left.
    • If your shipment is less than 7 days old it will be displayed.
    • If your shipment is older than 7 days, select the appropriate date range in the Modify History Display Settings section of the Shipping History page.
    • When your shipment is displayed, select the shipment you wish to reprint the receipt for.
    • Select the Show Detail/Receipt button.
    • Select the View/Print Receipt button.