Paperless Invoice Enrollment

What do I need to get started with UPS Paperless TM Invoice?

You need a UPS account in order to send electronic commercial invoices. Once set-up is complete, you'll have access to UPS Paperless Invoice within 24 hours and can manage your invoice preferences by shipment or by shipping lane.

Open a Payment Account

Add an Existing Account to Your Profile

If you already have a payment account saved in your profile, choose the account you’d like to edit then upload the following items to complete your enrollment:

  • A digital image of your company letterhead at 768 x 152 pixels (8in./20.32cm x 1.6in./4cm*)
  • A digital image of your signature at 768 x 152 pixels (8in./20.32cm x 1.6in./4cm*).

Images should be in GIF, JPEG, or TIFF format.

Enroll in UPS Paperless Invoice