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Emergency Response Registrant Information - Docket HM-206F

Beginning October 1, 2010, a new U.S. Department of Transportation regulation will require printing Emergency Response Registrant (ERR) information on shipping papers for hazardous materials shipments sent to or from all states in the United States and Puerto Rico. The ERR information must be associated with the Emergency Contact Number. This information must also be transmitted electronically to UPS by your shipping system.

Failure to comply with these new requirements may result in government fines up to $50,000 per package. It is critical that all UPS hazardous materials shippers take the necessary actions to ensure compliance. Hazardous materials shipments that do not comply will encounter service delays. To determine whether the new ERR information requirement applies to you, select the U.S. Department of Transportation link below. Note: You will have to search for Docket HM-206F at:

U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety AdministrationOpen the link in a new window

If the requirement does apply to your shipments and you're using an earlier version of WorldShip®, you must upgrade your software to version 12.0 by downloading or ordering a CD. WorldShip 2010 version 12.0 users will automatically see the new ERR information field applied as part of electronic updates scheduled for third quarter 2010.

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If you are using an external source for your Dangerous Goods Chemical Record Data you will need to add a field called ER_Registrant to your external data source. Contact your provider to ensure timely updates to meet this requirement.

Emergency Response Registrant Information Location