MyGenetx Case Study

Learn how UPS Healthcare™ logistics support helped a lab staff its operations better, accelerate turnaround time, and grow their business with custom healthcare solutions.

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"When you have a problem, we've found how well UPS Healthcare is prepared to provide service, which is a differentiator from the competition. Often they know of a problem before we do and address it"

Jim Kendrick, MyGenetx, Inc.

The Challenge

MyGenetx (now Lifetime Sciences) was a smaller lab facing growing pains. Their specimen deliveries were inconsistent and arriving too late, as they did not have the same clout as larger labs to make early morning delivery affordably actionable. This had put them at a disadvantage compared to their competition. When doctors receive test results later, their patients have to wait longer to understand their health status and begin a treatment plan if necessary.

MyGenetx also lacked visibility into the number of incoming tests and where they were coming from, which made it difficult to proactively staff for the next day’s operational needs. It also made it difficult to provide effective customer service when providers checked in on test status.

The Solution

UPS Healthcare helped MyGenetx rethink its inbound shipping processes. Core to this plan was moving from handwritten waybills to automated inbound shipping and labeling for MyGenetx and its customers.

Priority lane shipping services allowed MyGenetx shipments to be readily identified and pulled from the regular package conveyers and rerouted for early morning delivery.

Our cutting-edge technology also gave MyGenetx the ability to see detailed tracking, including the number of incoming specimen shipments and the providers from which they were being sent.

The Results

As a result of these lab logistics solutions, MyGenetx was able to offer their customers an automated shipment process with easier labeling and increased visibility and flexibility. This new level of visibility also helped MyGenetx realize operational efficiencies, as better visibility meant a better ability to forecast and right-size staff for each day’s incoming test load.

More importantly, MyGenetx was able to decrease inbound shipping time and offer accelerated test result turnaround times for health providers and their patients, while also providing an exceptional level of customer service. This gave the company a significant advantage in the marketplace.

During the period of this engagement, MyGenetx was able to move from processing 1,500 tests per week to processing 10,000 tests per week across their 20 locations, which set the stage for continued growth of the business.

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