Creating a Shipment

UPS CampusShip puts powerful shipping tools in your hands. The shipping process allows quick, streamlined package label generation using address books, distribution lists, shipping preferences, and values preset by your administrator. For maximum flexibility, you can change or write over most preset values directly on the Shipping screen.

Note: Some UPS CampusShip services and functionality must be assigned by your UPS CampusShip Administrator. To contact your administrator, select the Administrator Lookup button (if available) or Company Support at the bottom of the Create a Shipment page.

This document contains:

Getting Started

Using Address Books

You have several options for populating the Ship To address field:

  • Enter a recipient or distribution list name. A list of matching entries will be displayed as you type.
  • Select an address or distribution list from the drop-down list of your personal addresses.
  • Select an address or distribution list from your company's Corporate Address Book.
  • Select an address from an External Address Book.
  • Enter a new address by selecting Enter New Address.

Package, Services, and Payment Information

Review your Packaging selection, and change it as needed. If you have a preset Packaging preference, that preference displays in the Packaging drop-down list.

Select the number of packages (up to 20) in your shipment from the drop-down menu. The default setting is one package.

Enter the total weight of your shipment.

  • If you select UPS Envelope as your packaging, weight is not required.
  • If you select Other Packaging, enter the total dimensional weight for your shipment.

If your shipment includes more than one package, you will have the opportunity to specify different values for each package, or you may use the same values for all packages. If you select No to Use the same values for all packages, you can enter package-level details for each package in your shipment on the next page. To remove a package from your shipment, select Delete next to the package information.

Review your Shipping Service selection, and change it as needed. If you are unsure which service is best for your shipment, select the Compare Service Options link next to the Service drop-down menu for more information about your choices. If you have a preset Shipping Service preference, that preference displays in the Service drop-down menu.

Enter Reference Numbers
Enter any desired or required Reference Numbers. (Some Reference Numbers may be required and provided by your administrator). If your administrator has pre-defined default Reference Numbers, the Reference Number value will appear as text that you cannot edit or search.

Payment Method
Your Payment Method will most likely be set by default to a UPS account for your shipping location, or you may have set a shipping preference (e.g., a payment card or third-party account number) that displays in your shipping forms. To modify your payment method for the current shipment, select from the Bill Shipping Charges To drop-down menu.

To view your shipment details, select the checkbox for Review Shipping details, including price, before completing this shipment. To complete your shipment and print your package labels, select Next.

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Optional Services

Declared Value
UPS's liability is limited as set out in the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service. You may increase UPS's limit of liability by declaring a higher value and paying an additional charge. The maximum declared value for a domestic package or international shipment is US$50,000 or local currency equivalent for UPS account transactions and US$5,000 or local currency equivalent for a package shipped as a result of a service request made through the Internet. Enter a declared value, and you will be charged for each US$100 (or portion of US$100) or local currency equivalent of the total value declared, with a minimum charge.

Return Service
When selecting a UPS Return Service, enter a Merchandise Description. For more on Return Services, see Return Services help.

Quantum View Notify®
If the address you entered or selected contains an e-mail address, you may check the box to send a Quantum View Notify ship notification to up to five e-mail addresses. You can also choose to send delivery and exception notifications to the addresses of your choice. Alternatively, you may select Add Shipping Options to modify or enter your Quantum View Notify settings. You may enter e-mail addresses, choose the type of notification, and include an e-mail message.

UPS carbon neutral
UPS carbon neutral shipping offers the option to offset the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of your shipment.

Shipper Release
Selecting Shipper Release authorizes UPS to deliver the package on the first attempt without receiving a signature. When Shipper Release is selected, the shipper accepts liability for the loss of the package after delivery has been made as provided for in the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service in effect at the time of the shipment.

Note: Shipper Release is available from United States and Puerto Rico origins to United States and Puerto Rico destinations.

UPS Proactive Response
Selecting UPS Proactive Response™ authorizes UPS to monitor your time-critical package as it moves through the UPS network. If anticipated scans do not occur, we will proactively communicate with you and your customers. If on-schedule delivery cannot be accomplished, UPS will use reasonable efforts to protect properly-designated, temperature-sensitive packages until such time as delivery can be made.

Note: This contractual, fee-based service is available for the U.S. Origin Domestic (UPS Next Day Air®Early A.M.®, UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Next Day Air Saver®), U.S. Origin International (UPS Worldwide Express PlusSM, UPS Worldwide ExpressSM, UPS Worldwide SaverSM, UPS Worldwide Express NA1SM), International Origin Worldwide Movement (UPS Express Plus®, UPS Express NA1, UPS ExpressSM, UPS Express SaverSM), Transborder Movement (UPS Express Plus®, UPS ExpressSM, UPS Express SaverSM) and Domestic/National Movement (UPS Express Plus®, UPS ExpressSM, UPS Express SaverSM) services to and from designated UPS Proactive Response countries.


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