Company Locations

On this page you may enter information needed to establish a specific shipping location for a company in UPS CampusShip, as well as the Location contact information for that specific shipping location. You can also review or revise the shipping location information. After you have updated this page, the information will be stored by UPS CampusShip, and you may return to revise it anytime.

  • Create Locations

    Enter the information required to establish a company location
  • Import File Format: Locations

    Rather than manually entering locations, a Company Administrator can import a file to add to an existing file.
  • Export Locations

    Rather than manually modifying single locations, an administrator can export location information from UPS CampusShip to a file, modify multiple records, and then import the modified file back into UPS CampusShip.
  • Edit/Delete Locations

    Select the Administration tab, go to Manage Locations, and then select Search For Locations.