Import and Export Management

Crossing country borders makes the shipping process more complex. Our shipping and tracking tools simplify importing and exporting, so you can speed up shipping time and customs clearance, ensure compliance with trade regulations, and rest easy knowing sensitive information is protected--from the moment you start creating your shipment through its transit and delivery.

To manage imports and exports easily, we recommend using three free UPS solutions together: UPS TradeAbility®, WorldShip® and Quantum View® Manage.

Confidently Ship Across the Globe

Proactively managing imports and exports saves time and prevents problems down the road. We offer a suite of online tools called UPS TradeAbility, which not only helps you understand and comply with trade regulations, but also helps determine the cost of your international shipments from the get-go.

TradeAbility includes multiple tools for importing and exporting, so you can:

  • Estimate the cost of transportation, duties and taxes
  • Screen for restricted parties and embargoed countries
  • Find harmonised tariff codes for your products
  • Check import compliance and detect export licences
  • Access our international forms library for export documents like a Commercial Invoice or Certificate of Origin
  • Enrol in UPS Paperless™ Invoice and upload forms to transmit electronic customs documents

UPS TradeAbility tools can be accessed directly on a single page.

Use UPS TradeAbility International Tools

Enrol in Paperless Invoice

Save Time Processing Shipments & Keep Sensitive Data Secure

Time is a valuable asset and spending it wisely is essential in today's business world. WorldShip, our free global shipping software, helps large businesses save time processing all types of shipments, including imports and exports. WorldShip not only automates shipping tasks--increasing your efficiency while reducing order entry errors--but also includes features that specifically streamline international shipping.

With WorldShip, you can create customs documents and upload your own trade documents for customs clearance; estimate duties and taxes; and search for and validate tariff codes.

UPS Import Control® is an importer-friendly feature of WorldShip that lets you process import shipments without sharing your account number. UPS can also remove the invoice from your shipment after it clears customs. This way, shipments can be processed and sent directly to a third party while keeping confidential information secure.

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Reduce Customs Clearance Holds

Speeding shipments through customs and quickly addressing issues can mean the difference between fulfilling a distribution contract and losing an important customer. WorldShip and UPS TradeAbility help you start the importing and exporting process on the right foot. Pair them with Quantum View Manage, our robust online tracking solution, for smooth sailing through final delivery.

Quantum View Manage gives you complete insight into how your shipments are progressing and includes an Imports view for enhanced visibility into brokerage and customs compliance information. With the Imports view, you can access 365 days of brokerage information, request archived document images, and contact customs brokerage.

With access to commodity information for customs brokerage and the ability to view, download and save customs documents, you're prepared to troubleshoot and resolve customs issues quickly--ultimately reducing delays.

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