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Paperless Invoice Enrollment

What do I need to get started with UPS Paperless TM Invoice?

You need a UPS account in order to send electronic commercial invoices. Once set-up is complete, you'll have access to UPS Paperless Invoice within 24 hours and can manage your invoice preferences by shipment or by shipping lane.

Add an Existing Account to Your Profile

If you already have a payment account saved in your profile, choose the account that you’d like to edit then upload the following items to complete your enrolment:

  • A digital image of your company letterhead at 768 x 152 pixels (8 in./20.32 cm x 1.6 in./4 cm*)
  • A digital image of your signature at 768 x 152 pixels (8 in./20.32 cm x 1.6 in./4 cm*).

Images should be in GIF, JPEG or TIFF format.

Enroll in UPS Paperless Invoice