CampusShip Support - Create User Privilege Sets

How To Create Privilege Sets

After reviewing the default shipping privilege sets, you might want to customise sets to meet your employees' specific shipping needs. When you have created and stored a privilege set, you can assign users to it.

  1. Select the Administration tab, go to Manage Shipping Privileges, and select Create Shipping Privileges.
  2. A Shipping Privileges Detail page displays. To quit this process, select Cancel.
  3. Enter a shipping privilege set name (35 characters max.), then select shipping privilege set information. You have two ways to build the privilege set:
    - Activate ALL privileges in a section
    - Activate specific privileges by selecting individual checkboxes (for example, allowable shipping services and add-ons, allowable payment or billing methods, and address book privileges)
  4. Once you have entered all information, select Create. If the update requires more information, a prompt informs you which fields should be modified or completed.

Note: A shipping privilege set must be created and stored on UPS CampusShip before users can be assigned to it.