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CampusShip Support - Services FAQ

How can I ship a package internationally using UPS CampusShip?

UPS CampusShip allows customers to ship internationally, provided that they have the necessary supporting export documentation for all packages. To select the appropriate forms for your shipment, follow these steps:

  • If you have set your preference to display suggested forms for your shipments, the checkboxes next to the recommended export forms will be selected. You can check or uncheck any form listed.
  • You can complete the selected forms online or print blank forms and complete them manually.
  • Select Create Documents to fill in the required information and create completed, printable export forms.
  • Select Print Blank Forms to print out and complete the selected blank forms manually at your convenience.

International forms must be enabled by your Administrator.

For information to determine which export documents may be required for your shipment, select the Resources tab, and select Export Documentation. For further information, select Resources and go to Contact UPS for the telephone number for International Customer Service.

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How can I use UPS Return Services with UPS CampusShip?

UPS CampusShip provides various return services that allow you and your customers to return goods by paying a nominal fee.

UPS Returns® - Print Return Label
This Return Service allows you to create a return label and send it to the recipient with your shipment or separately.

UPS Returns® Plus
With this option, a UPS driver carries a preprinted return label when attempting to pick up the return package. Choose between these two options:

  • 1 UPS Pickup Attempt allows the shipper to request one pickup attempt for return of a UPS-compatible package. If the package cannot be picked up the label is left for the recipient to return the package via any UPS method.
  • 3 UPS Pickup Attempts allows the shipper to request three pickup attempts for return of a UPS-compatible package. After the third pickup attempt, the label is returned to UPS.

Note: UPS Return Services is available to most countries and territories.

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What is the maximum declared value for my shipment?

UPS CampusShip supports a declared value of up to USD 50,000 or local currency equivalent when a UPS Account is provided. Credit card transactions are limited to USD 5,000 declared value or local currency equivalent.

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