Gravity Diagnostics Case Study

When the Coronavirus pandemic heated up, UPS Healthcare helped Gravity Diagnostics increase their turnaround time for results to patients in a big way.

UPS absolutely understood our critical-care role, and did more than we ever asked to help us get the services we needed to help save lives.

Tony Remington, Gravity Diagnostics

The Challenge

Gravity Diagnostics is a CLIA laboratory known for its quick turnaround diagnostic test results in the US. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their core business fell 50%.

The Gravity team knew there was an opportunity to do some real good during the pandemic, so they turned their attention to developing a COVID-19 test, and then sought a logistics partner to help ensure they could turn around results with their signature rapid turnaround times.

The Solution

UPS Healthcare was able to create a program that let Gravity Diagnostics receive their samples from long-term healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing hope, and other healthcare facilities at 4:30am six days a week. We also helped them with a system for bar coding, smart labels and trackers, and priority handling.

The Results

Before Gravity started working with UPS, they were able to turnaround 20 samples per day. With UPS Healthcare solutions in place, they were able to turnaround 9,300 samples per day.

Over that time, Gravity grew from 35 to 200 employees and from 4,000 – 30,000 square feet of space. Because they are able to receive samples so early, they have been able to turn around 80% of sample results by end of day.

Learn how to achieve faster diagnostic test results and provide a better patient experience by optimizing your lab logistics.

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