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Tell us about your shipment and we will create a customized list of packaging guidelines. Select any combination of up to 15 pre-defined categories or enter your own information, and then select View Guidelines to continue. Be aware that for hazardous materials shipments, applicable government regulations may specify the minimum packaging requirements and/or any other hazardous materials requirements for the merchandise. Learn more about UPS hazardous materials requirements by referencing the UPS Guide for Shipping Ground and Air Hazardous Materials. Note: Common items that may be regulated in transportation as hazardous materials are indicated with asterisks below. See a full list of these items by selecting Common Items That May Be Hazardous.

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** See the UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service and UPS Rate and Service Guide for commodities handled and restrictions on service.

*** UPS's packaging guidelines are recommendations to assist you in packaging your shipment. Following these guidelines is not a guarantee that an item is sufficiently packaged for transportation.