UPS Worldwide Services Waybill

The UPS Worldwide Services Waybill is designed to handle the intricacies of international transportation, yet it is simple enough to use for your routine international shipments. You can find detailed preparation instructions included on the reverse side of the UPS Worldwide Services Waybill in the section titled How to Prepare.

For your multiple-package shipments, as shown in example 1 in the diagram, you only need a completed UPS Worldwide Services Waybill for the lead package. Please record the total number of packages included in the shipment in section 5A of the UPS Worldwide Services Waybill. You must also include an address label and a UPS Worldwide Services Tracking label with all your additional packages, as shown in example 2 in the diagram. If all packages in your shipment are the same size and weight, please check the box in section 5D of the UPS Worldwide Services Waybill.

Lead Package , Additional Packages

For UPS Worldwide Express Freight, use one UPS Worldwide Services Waybill per shipment. For multi-pallet shipments, you only need a completed waybill for the lead pallet. Please include the total number of pallets in your shipment on the waybill. On each additional pallet in your shipment, you will need to place a completed address label and a UPS Worldwide Services Tracking Label. Packages within the pallet do not require address or tracking labels. You will need to contact UPS to schedule all UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipments.

Additional Documentation

You may need other documents, based on the value and the nature of the shipment and on the particular rules of the destination country.

You do not need a Commercial Invoice for UPS Express Envelopes, nor for shipments containing only documents. For these items, the declaration on the UPS Worldwide Services Waybill is sufficient. However, if your shipment contains commodities to be purchased or sold, three copies of a Commercial Invoice are required.