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How To Void a Shipment

Your shipping history allows you to void shipments made within the last 90 days. On this page you can also view your shipping history for the past 90 days as well as shipment details, including package information and shipping charges. Note: Some shipping history functions may be assigned by your Administrator.

To void a shipment select the Shipping tab and then select View History or Void Shipment. UPS CampusShip users can void a shipment from the previous shipments table. Select the button next to the desired shipment and then select Void Shipment. You may also choose to void a particular shipment from the Complete a Shipment page.

When the prompt displays, select OK to confirm the Void action you are requesting. To quit the Void action, select Cancel.

If OK is selected, the page will refresh with a message that the void will be processed but will take a moment for the information to be updated in the UPS systems.

Note: While your Void request is being processed, please take no further action for a few moments. To verify that the Void request has been updated, select the browser Refresh function. An X will appear in the voided column of your Shipping History.

You may also void a shipment from the Complete a Shipment page.

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How To Void Shipments Older Than 90 Days

To void a shipment made within the last 90 days, use your UPS CampusShip® Shipping History.  If you need to void a shipment after 90 days have passed, please contact UPS Customer Service.

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