Betaling FAQ

Can I use Billing Options that charge the shipment to someone else, such as Bill Receiver (Freight Collect) or Third Party Billing?

UPS CampusShip offers Bill Receiver (Freight Collect) and Bill Third Party billing options. Bill Receiver lets you bill your shipping charges to the shipment receiver. Bill Third Party lets you bill your shipping charges to a party other than the shipper or receiver. You may select your billing options when processing a shipment.

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How do I know my payment card (for example a debit or credit card) information will be secure once sent over the Internet?

UPS CampusShip uses HTTPS, an Internet standard communication protocol, which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an industry-standard encryption technology, to protect your information as it is transmitted over the Internet.

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How do I void a package in UPS CampusShip?

To void a package, select the Shipping tab and then select View History or Void Shipment. If the shipment you want to void does not appear in your history, wait several minutes and refresh the screen. Locate the shipment to be voided, select the button next to the shipment, and select Void Shipment. You may also void a shipment from the Complete a Shipment page.

The shipment and all packages in the shipment will be voided and an "x" will appear next to the shipment in the voided column. You may void UPS CampusShip packages from your shipping history only within 90 days of processing the package.

Note: If you need to void a shipment older than 90 days, please contact UPS Customer Service.

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I can no longer void my shipment through my shipping history and did not release the package to UPS. How do I receive a refund?

UPS Account: If the shipment you were unable to get to UPS was charged to your UPS account number, and you are unable to void it using View History or Void Shipment in UPS CampusShip, contact UPS to request a refund.

Payment Card (for example a debit or credit card): If you use a payment card to ship packages and need to void a package after the 24-hour limit, contact your payment card company to receive a refund on the processed but unshipped package.

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Will any fees appear on my payment card (for example a debit or credit card) statement after I void a shipment?

No. If you void the shipment on UPS CampusShip within the 24-hour period, nothing should appear on your payment card statement. If the charge does show up, you should also see an adjustment on your statement.

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What can I do if my shipment was damaged?

Please review your local UPS Terms and Conditions or contact UPS.

For the U.S. and Puerto Rico
To file a claim, a shipper may call UPS Customer Service at 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877).

If you are the receiver, notify the shipper to initiate the claim process.

If you are the shipper, UPS Customer Service will give you a claim number, known as an LDI number, along with the address of your local UPS Claims office. You may then send these items to the claims office:

  • A bill including your signature for the goods that have been damaged
  • A copy of the original invoice or statement to show the merchandise value
  • A copy of the original shipping receipt

Once the UPS Claims Office has received the required information, your claim should be processed within five business days.

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Kontakt UPS

For spørsmål angående UPS CampusShip, ta kontakt med din UPS CampusShip-administrator. For teknisk support for UPS CampusShip, velg koblingen nedenfor.

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