Storage and Distribution

Expand your capabilities. Expand your possibilities.

When you partner with UPS, you'll gain the human capital, expertise, global infrastructure and proven solutions to make possibilities a reality. Expand your global footprint on a compressed timeline. Scale capacity up or down to meet market demand – without the overhead and global workforce burden.

And imagine when you're free to focus on your core business, how you can fill that immediately available global operation with new or larger inventories of life-saving discoveries.

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Who This Is For

Mid- and large-scale healthcare firms including pharmaceutical, biopharma, medical device and medical/surgical supply, that have complex product shipping and distribution requirements.

Instant infrastructure – healthcare competent, healthcare compliant.

The healthcare industry is highly competitive, so an optimised supply chain can be a major point of differentiation. UPS has built our extensive storage and distribution network around healthcare business needs. Empower your supply chain performance with our 1.8 million square metres of healthcare-compliant warehouse space across more than 50 worldwide healthcare-dedicated facilities. Capitalise on our turnkey inventory and distribution services to rapidly and strategically respond to opportunities, market changes and global health needs.

Global distribution facilities, an experienced global talent pool, established processes, integrated transportation and management technology – all here so you can do more and go further.

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