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UPS Import Control®

Crossing borders requires coordination, compliance, and quite a bit of paperwork. If these pieces don't align as expected, you could be looking at customs delays. Grab a tighter rein on the importing process with UPS Import Control.

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Manage Costs and Minimise Delays

  • Control the speed and cost of import shipments.
  • Gain full visibility into your inbound supply chain.
  • Prevent unauthorised charges.
  • Limit delays or excess duties and taxes.

Create Your Own Shipping Labels and Commercial Invoices

When you generate your own shipping labels, you – not your suppliers – choose the carrier and shipping speed you want. This also gives you the chance to confirm that the information is error-free.

The same goes for commercial invoices: You create and complete the form to ensure accuracy and customs compliance.

Need help filling out a commercial invoice? We made a guide to help walk you through it. 

Keep Confidential Information Between Us

Speed to market is important, and third-party shipping is a useful option when you're looking to cut valuable time out of your process. But that third party doesn't need to see confidential, price-sensitive information. We can help.

When shipping with UPS Import Control, select the Commercial Invoice Removal (CIR) option, we'll remove the invoice from your shipment after customs clearance.