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How do I know if I have the newest rates in my WorldShip system?

  • WorldShip 17.0 and 18.0 users will receive the 2016 rates file with the download. For WorldShip 19.0 users, the 2016 rates are already included when you install or upgrade to WorldShip 2016. 

    To review the WorldShip Rate version:

    1. Select the Help menu, and then choose About UPS WorldShip.
    2. The UPS Service Rates Version will display MM/YY (Month/Year). For example: 01/16.
    3. If the rates have not been applied, verify that the system date is correct. If not, shut down and restart the WorldShip application and repeat Step 1.

    To manually download the 2016 rates:

    1. Select the Support tab at the top of the page, and then select Technology Support.
    2. Select WorldShip Support in the Tools and Resources section.
    3. Select the Get Software Updates link in the Get WorldShip section.
    4. Select the appropriate WorldShip version, scroll to the 2016 Shipping Rates section, and follow the instructions to download and apply the 2016 rates.