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What are the communications system requirements for WorldShip?

  • For Direct Access:
    A Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), or cable provides a direct connection to the Internet. Since Direct Access generally offers the fastest connection, UPS recommends this method.

    If you select Direct Access, you may need to identify the proxy server with the URL address, port, and authorisation information. If a proxy server is used, you must also use specific browser settings.

    For Dial-up Connection:
    A modem is required for dial-up connections in order for WorldShip® to communicate to the Internet via the UPS Network. Remote Access Service (RAS) is built into Windows and provides dial-up connectivity. To ensure your communication applications are configured properly, or for more information, please refer to your Microsoft Windows® documentation. Since Dial-up generally offers a slower connection, UPS recommends the Direct Access method of communication.