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What is the High Volume View in Quantum View Manage?

Understanding What High Volume Means

Quantum View® Manage supports a High Volume view for customers who need fast access to shipment details for a large number of shipments. The High Volume view:

  1. Provides you with faster access to your data.
  2. Gives you the ability to search all your shipments using Tracking Numbers, Reference Numbers and Shipper or Ship To fields. When conducting a search, you must select the button to the right of the Search box because the "as-you-type" functionality will not work in High Volume view.
  3. Paginates information in your Shipment Details table.


If you prefer to use the standard view, which has some additional features like advanced, as-you-type search, you should reduce the number of displayed shipments by using search, applying filters, or narrowing the date range.