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Why don't I see all of my shipments in Quantum View Manage?

  • The Privileges assigned during the enrollment process determine which shipments you see within Quantum View Manage.

    The Outbound View displays those shipments that are manifested with your UPS account(s).

    The Inbound View displays the shipments that are shipped to your delivery location. If you see a message that no shipments are visible in the Inbound View but you know that you have shipments, follow these steps:

    1. Change your preferences for Inbound to Receiving Address
    2. Select Set Preferences in the left navigation
    3. Select Receiving Address from the Inbound View drop-down menu
    4. Select Update to save your preferences

    The Alternate Billing View displays those shipments that are shipped by others and billed to your UPS account (Third Party, Freight Collect, and Consignee Billing).

    Information matching results may also be affected by whether or not the shipper electronically provides shipment information or by address matching variables. Your company administrator may also elect to limit privileges.