Exact Sciences Case Study

When Exact Sciences created a revolutionary way to screen for colorectal cancer at home, they turned to UPS to handle the delivery of tests and the swift return of specimens.

"Transportation time is really critical for sample stability. It is critical that patient samples get back to the lab in a timely manner, and UPS does that for us each and every day."

Tammy Turek-Etienne, VP of Operations, Exact Sciences

The Challenge

Cologuard allows patients to screen for colorectal cancer in the privacy of their own home. However, for the screening test to work on a large scale, Exact Sciences needed logistics solutions to distribute tests to residential addresses and make specimen returns easy and quick.

The Solution

By leveraging UPS' existing network and returns portfolio and creating a long-term partnership with UPS Healthcare, Exact Sciences was able effectively scale their logistics as they grew.

The Results

Since 2014, when Exact Sciences launched Cologuard, they have completed over 7.5 million results.

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