Reverse Logistics and Post-Sales Services

Make Returns and Repairs Easy for Customers with UPS reverse logistics solutions

Whether your customers are buying for themselves or on behalf of a business, they have high expectations for the services you provide after the sale.  UPS offers a portfolio of returns management solutions that can help you improve customer satisfaction while getting a tighter grip on inventory.  UPS post-sales services -- distribution, warehouseing fulfillment, and repairs -- can help you scale up to take advantage of opportunities faster with less capital investment. 

Reliable performance and a swift response improve customer loyalty, which is key to growing your business.

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Profit from Existing Inventory with Reverse Logistics

Returns will always be a part of business, but be sure you're not limiting them to being a cost of business. A good reverse logistics process can bring great value to your bottom line. Better manage and re-integrate your returned materials for streamlined practices, reduced waste, and continuing profits from your existing products.

Don't let goods sit in technicians' vehicles; get your products serviced, repaired, and back into inventory as fast as possible. Our advanced technology and Web-enabled return labels extend your supply chain visibility and let you ensure that returned parts arrive at their designated locations.

Handling Returns Doesn't Have to be Difficult

Take a potential liability and make it a competitive advantage with secure and reliable returns management. Reverse logistics processes can increase your efficiency, retain customers, and foster growth for your business.

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