Package Return (Merchants)

The UPS Returns® suite of services streamlines and simplifies your returns process and provides you with a cost-effective means to manage returns efficiently and satisfy your customers' need for fast and easy returns. With UPS Returns you, or your customer, can prepare returns.

Once the process is in place, your returns packages can be given to any UPS service provider, or dropped off at any UPS Drop Box or other locations that accept UPS packages for shipment. You can also arrange to have returns packages collected by contacting a UPS Office.

To track the real-time status of a returns shipment already in progress, select the Tracking tab at the top of the page.

Find out which solution fits your needs. The following are available:

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UPS Returns

UPS Returns allows you several options to generate a return label which you can include in either the original shipment or in a separate correspondence to your customer.

  • UPS Print Return Label: Enables you to generate return labels to include with the outbound shipment or send the label to your customer.
  • UPS Electronic Return Label: Allows you to generate and e-mail a return label to your customer.
  • Authorised Returns Service: Provides you with preprinted labels for distribution.

Services available to 98 countries and territories.

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UPS Returns Plus

UPS Returns Plus provides convenient collection options for the prompt return of UPS compatible packages. You can choose to have UPS make one collection attempt with UPS 1 Attempt Returns Plus service or multiple collection attempts with UPS 3 Attempts Returns Plus.

Note: Services available to 98 countries and territories.

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